Friday, December 19, 2008

Humberstone Family Reunion Christmas Dinner

Tonight marks the first time in at least 16 years that the three remaining Humberstone children of Harry and Lyn Humberstone have been together in the one place at the one time. Its the first time ever that Lyn (my grandmother) has had all her grandchildren in the one place at the same time not to mention the 22 grandchildren she has! What a fantastic night to have everyone together.

This is Bernadette and Dion holding baby Crystal and Harley talking to his mum Patricia. Harley and Crystal belong to Trisha.

Mum and Kelly

This is Kianne on the left (married to Scott H.) Kelly and Michelle Humby.

Elaine, Candice and Nana H

Geoff, Scott Darren and Candice

My daugthers with their partners. Alana and Dan on the left and Antionette and Josh on the right.

Many many years ago my cousins Candice and Kelly put some sunglasses on my mum and dads poodle Jose and took a photo of him. Well tonight they wanted to do the same agian with Beau mum and dads poodle they have now. So the following photo was the two girls reliving their childhood! Beau was the perfect angel and sat very still!
Josh and Antionette.
I was busy taking photos tonight and so was dad. I knew he was behind me with his camera and he kept calling me so I half turned put my camera over my shoulder and took the following flukey shot!