Monday, January 28, 2008

OMG another bloomin' project!!!

OMG I have gone and started yet another bloomin' project thanks to Bonnie from Quiltville Between now and her next mystery she has decided to do a one day quilt called Scrappy Bargello. Its for next Sunday when the super bowl or whatever it is in America is on. Being an Aussie I wont be on at the sametime but have decided to make it anyway. BUT LIKE do I really need another project!!!!???????? NO WAY OF COURSE NOT!
On the positive side its all from scraps! Check out my mess everywhere in my sewing room today: I have piles of colours everywhere!

The picture below is of my nice little pile of 16 inch strips by 2.5 inch wide.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Recyled Denim Bag

After seeing Sharon from NZs bags she has made from recycled denim I decided I just had to do one. My one has a sewing theme. There are two nine patch blocks that are 3 inch square that have mini plastic safety pins on them as though they are ready for quilting. On the other side I embroidered I LOVE SEWING with my embroidery machine. I also have used some gold tone sewing buttons on that side too. It was so much fun creating this unique one of a kind bag!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australia Day

Well everyone it is Australia Day long weekend in Australia this weekend. Its meant to be a time of rejoicing and celebrating our countrys birthday. Its a day that families should get out and about togther and have a picinic or something groovy like that.

What will we be doing? Well the other 5 inhabitants of this house will no doubt be planted in computer chairs staring at their computer screens playing WOW. What will I do??? Well think I will sew!

Last weekend I made a design board. I used 4 meters of felt. Cut them into two lengths of 2 meters and sewed the two pieces together. I then put a hem on the top to slide a rod through. THen I placed 3 large cup hooks into the wood part around the doors in my sewing room. I then hung it up there and wammo a design board just like that. When I had finished with the design board i rolled it up and used those blue plastic hook/clips that you put on quilts when quilting. They held the design board really well and that way I got to leave my quilt inside the roll.

Here are some pics to help explain what I am trying to describe!
First one is of the design wall when its rolled up when not needed. The quilt stays inside it.

If anyone is wondering, NO behind those doors is not my stash cupboard! I wish!!!!! Its actually my laundry!

The next pic is of the design wall when its down. The quilt on it is my dissappearing nine patch made from 30's charms squares I got from a good friend Sharon in NZ and some from Lissa in NSW and some from Marg Fulton - no not the cook from QLD. I love my net friends! Thanks heaps girls!

The picture below is to show all my friends at C-R-A-F-T that my sewing desk is not always tidy! Everytime in the past I have sent pics of my sewing room my desk has been tidy, today its not so heres the proof!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Update On Arrick

Arrick has his arm out of plaster now. It will be just a matter of time and healing until its totally better.
I had a win with my arguement with Pacific Palms Motor in at Marcoola Beach. They finally agreed to give us our money back on the accomadation we had paid.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Arrick and his Broken Arm!!!!

Well after a few drawn out days and lots of twoing and froing from the hospital Arrick had a cast put on his arm today. We had to cancel our holiday plans to the Gold Coast when he first injured himself so we decided on the Sunshine Coast. Well now due to the doctors wanting to do more xrays etc next week we now have to cancel the Sunny Coast holiday.

Oh by the way Pacific Palms Motel are the most empathetic people I know. The gave us a full refund on our accomadation NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A***holes wouldnt even give us part of our accomadation costs back! They kept the whole lot!!! Yep the whole lot! I had paid for the whole entire 5 days of accomadation and not just a deposit. Gotta mind to keep the booking and just not show up! At least they cant let the room out to someone else and earn double for it.!

Anyway back to the little man in question here is a picture of him with the temporary cast they have put on him. Its huge! Its soooooo heavy too. He has it for a week then we go back and they will remove it and do more xrays and decide from there if they put another one on him.
He looks so cute. Its so hard getting his clothes over the cast so he is wearing one of my singlets!

Its amazing how quick they learn to susbtitute! He can now use his left hand perfectly to operate the computer mouse!