Thursday, January 3, 2008

Arrick and his Broken Arm!!!!

Well after a few drawn out days and lots of twoing and froing from the hospital Arrick had a cast put on his arm today. We had to cancel our holiday plans to the Gold Coast when he first injured himself so we decided on the Sunshine Coast. Well now due to the doctors wanting to do more xrays etc next week we now have to cancel the Sunny Coast holiday.

Oh by the way Pacific Palms Motel are the most empathetic people I know. The gave us a full refund on our accomadation NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A***holes wouldnt even give us part of our accomadation costs back! They kept the whole lot!!! Yep the whole lot! I had paid for the whole entire 5 days of accomadation and not just a deposit. Gotta mind to keep the booking and just not show up! At least they cant let the room out to someone else and earn double for it.!

Anyway back to the little man in question here is a picture of him with the temporary cast they have put on him. Its huge! Its soooooo heavy too. He has it for a week then we go back and they will remove it and do more xrays and decide from there if they put another one on him.
He looks so cute. Its so hard getting his clothes over the cast so he is wearing one of my singlets!

Its amazing how quick they learn to susbtitute! He can now use his left hand perfectly to operate the computer mouse!


Raggedy Rambles said...

The singlet is the same size as the plaster - he could set a new fashion trend. Sign his arm for me please KA.

Karen Mallory said...

Imagine going from a sling to that cast all because of a non doctor! Makes you wonder about the hospital system Hey!
So sorry about your vacation. Those people are plain rude. I can see possibly keeping a deposit, but the whole lot!! Disgusting!
Give big hugs to Arrick for me. He sure has been thru a lot!
hugs Karen

Vickie said...

Aww poor Arrick what a way too sepnd the school holidays...
cheers Vickie

Dreamer girl said...

I will never forget when my son went down a slide and missed the slide. HOw did that happen I will never understand? He even figured out how to get his cast off. The doctor said he never knew anybody that did that. Good luck and hope your son feels better.