Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Well today I turn 40! So I thought I would share what I did and have received for my birthday.
Last night we went out for tea to the Thai Restaurant. Oh it was so yummy.
I received a couple of my presents last night because my hubby was going to work at 5am he and the kids gave me my presents early because he didnt want me to have to wait all day until he got home at 6. So what did I get......... a PANDORA bracelet. The kids gave me some charms for it one with a K and one with an A on it. Hubby told me I have to wait for Valentines day until I get some more charms for it.

Last night I got a lovely pair of gold earings from my aunt and uncle. They are twisted and just lovely (the ear rings not my aunt and uncle).

This morning I got to open the gift box that arrived from my sister and brother-in-law from Brisbane. Check out the invoice pouch where the card was put that was on the box what a laugh...............

And the following pic shows the lovely yummy scrummy things that were inside the box!

I also got personalised number plates for my car. SEW 40 sew well thats the only way I know how to spell sew or should it be so? Oh well sew is what I do all the time and 40 well what can I say? No use being in denial LOL.

And how spoilt am I? I belong to an online yahoo mail group called CRAFT and we have a birthday club where we send each other "squishies" envelopes with fabric in them. I got to open 14 envelopes this morning and look at what I scored.....................

Thank you to everyone that has helped make my 40th birthday wonderful.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've been tagged..........

Thanks Khris for tagging me!

Gee not done this before but anyway here goes..........
For part 1 I have to reveal 10 things about myself that you may not know:
1. I went to 5 differenet primary schools.
2. I went to 5 different High Schools.
3. First job was in the Deli at Woolworths in the Valley Shopping Center in Gladstone when I was 14 years old.
4. Wagged my first class when I was in Grade 12.
5. Was married with one child by the time I was 21.
6. Started smoking in grade 10.
7. I stopped going to nightclubs when I turned 18, getting past the security after turning 18 wasnt as much fun!
8. Worked as a Nanny on the Gold Coast before getting married.
9. Gave up smoking in 2005.
10. Use to love going Absailing.
Gee hope that didnt bore you too much.........
Part 2 ...... List 5 addictions:
1. Computer
2. Food
3. Pandora/Lovelink beads
4. Work
5. Family
Part 3 is where I get to tag others................
So come on girls keep it going.