Sunday, December 30, 2007

Budding designer in the making?

These pictures are of my son Arrick who is only 7 but likes to sew when I am.He has his own machine and table and sets himself up next to me when he feels like sewing.

The photo below is of his work in progress!

Just a few of my other quilts

Well seing this is such a good idea and a good way to show off stuff thought I would add some more photos.

This quilt is called Pansy Passion and it is a few different quilts of Jenny Haskins combined into one.

This quilt is called Old World Quilt. It is for my nana but as of yet I have not been able to give it to her as I have not seen her. Hopefully will see her next month to give it to her.

This quilt was made for my daughter for her 18th birthday. Antionettes favourite colours and also the theme colours she had for her party are green black and purple (yeah its actually a purple colour not blue).

Who needs Gold?????

Meet Benny.....

Benny is Alana's (my youngest daughter) pet python. NO he aint a snake he is a python and NO he doesnt bite. Benny recently got a friend her name is Stevie. She belongs to Alana's boyfriend. Maybe in a few years time they will have babies - hmm Benny and Stevie not Alana and her boyfriend!!!! i aint ready to be a grandmother to a human yet!!!!!!!

What I am curently working on........

well gee where do I start. I have been trying to work on a bargello quilt in blue tones but oh man I have so lost the motivation to do anything with it. We (a bunch of girls I met at the local Janome shop) now get together on a Saturday morning once a fortnight. We had been going to the shop and making a set item in a class. So we decided we would continue it at our homes when the shop stopped having Saturday morning classes. Anyway back to where I started we decided to do a bargello quilt as our "group" project however the week after we started I started the co-ordination of castle and chrisco hampers at work so for the next 6 weeks was busy with that. So I have not had a chance to get togehter with the girls to continue doing anymore on it. They are mostly finished theirs and mine well hmm lets not go there.

Apart from that I still have on the go a couple of UFO's but we wont go there either. I did sign up to do Bonnies mystery quilt from but havent found the motivation to start it HOWEVER I have started playing with some 5 inch 30's fabric squares that I got from a friend in New Zealand as a part of a christmas swap. I am using a pattern found at ...... So far I have made 7 blocks and they are so quick and easy to do take a look..........

Close up of the Harry quilts quilting

This is a close up of the quilting I did on my embrodiery machine! MMMMMMMM my hubby is cooking tea tonight and the smell of roasting chicken has just reached the computer room.......

Anyway the quilting design is about the size of my hand just to give you an idea of size.

Another quilt done this year (thats 2007)

This is my Harry Quilt. I have called it the Harry quilt as it reminds me of my grandfather. He use to wear all plaid check flannel type shirts. I have had these fabrics in my stash for a while now and we recently hmmm well August is recent isnt it??? made this quilt at my Saturday arvo group I go to. Its only "struggle" rug size. Think I am going to put it in the car to use as a picnic rug. OH I quilted this one myself using my Janome 350 E embroidery machine which is my new toy this year. Hmm need to rephrase that as my new toy is my laptop and my new desktop computer. Hehehe girls gotta splurge on new toys!

Watermelon Quilt

Ok everyone the watermellon quilt is completely finished now. Its been quilted (hehe I cheated and it professionaly done on a long arm by a lady in Rockhampton by the name of Glenda Aitkin. She only charged me $130 to do this queen size quilt using a stippling design.) The binding is also done hehe usually this takes forever but I was a good girl and got it done quickly. I love it if I say so myself.

OMG I found it

Oh boy I have found what I lost after I first started it over 12 months ago! It seems these blogs are all the go so started one and then promptly forgot about it.