Monday, June 2, 2008

Hot Diggity Dog

Well everyone Meribeth from Hot Diggity Dog contacted me today and told me she would send me the fabric I had ordered. So fingers crossed she is going to fix the mistake made by her posting department. Will keep you all informed when i get my fabric.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Feeling ripped off

Well I have learned NOT TO BUY from Why do you ask? Well I ordered the following fabric :

I also ordered some nice brown paw print on black background to go with this piece. I ordered the fabric for a friend who wants me to make one of those stable bags I make.
This is the fabric that arrived:
Can you see the slight difference? Its bright blue background looks nothing like the black background of the fabric I had ordered. So I contacted the store owner and she said she would send me the black background fabric at a reduced price of $12 but only when I have paid the postage to return the blue fabric! I reminded her that it was not my mistake I was sent the incorrect fabric. That seeing it was her fault I should not have to pay out more money to get what I originally ordered. Yep thats right she wants me to pay the postage to send the wrong fabric back to her then wants me to pay the postage to send the correct fabric back to me!!!!! And she wont send the correct fabric until I send the incorrect fabric back! Now because she in is Amercia and I am in Australia we arent just talking about a couple of dollars. It will cost me at least $10 to send this fabric back to her then she wants me to pay the $12 which is the cost she claims it will be to send the correct fabric back to me. Makes it a very expensive YARD of fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I wanted was a yard of pug fabric to make this bag for my friend. Now I am $49 out of pocket with fabric I will never use and a seller who is not prepared to fix up her own mistake! I am so angry.
So if anyone knows where I can get some of this pug fabric on black background can you let me know. Oh dont suggest hotdiggity!!! Its a Michael Miller fabric titled pug. Oh and if your interested in some blue background pug fabric I have a yard of it as its not use to me as it does not match the other two fabrics I purchased to make the bag with!