Sunday, February 17, 2008

Noah's Ark

Today I made a baby quilt for the young girl up the road. She is expecting her first baby in July. Went to her baby shower today and had a nice time. I got the quilt made just in time. However I did cheat I machine sewed the binding down due to lack of time and also felt it would be more durable. Its quite a funny theme considering the amount of rain we have had. The saying on the quilt is "It rained for 40 days and 40 nights!" Of course its a Noah's Ark themed quilt. I bought this quilt kit quiet sometime ago from my favourite ebay seller They have the best value quilting supplies on ebay and are the best people to deal with.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here in Gladstone Central QLD it has been raining non stop for three days. Yesterday we had a wild storm that dumped a heap of rain on us in a short space of time. Check out these photos to show you the impact the deluge has had!

This fence here has been knocked down by the water. It is the boundary fence of the airport. That river flowing through there is usually just a very small creek.

The pic on the right is of the same creek above but on the other side of the road. It actually came up so high that it flooded across this road. One house on the left out of shot actually had about a foot of water under their house.

Picture on the left is Police Creek near the Big W complex. Those trees are usually high and dry as they are on the side of the creek!

The picture on the right shows the speed the water if running. The fence there goes down under the bridge above and divides the footpath from the creek bed! You say what footpath! Yes there is a footpath/bike pathway that usually goes under the bridge in the picture above!

The pic on the left is the footy field behind our Kmart shopping center. The river you see in the fore ground is usually just a very very small creek! But as you can see its turned the footy field into a lake!
The pic on the right shows the path that leads to the walk way under the Police Creek bridge, well actually it doesnt show it LOL cause its under water! You can tell how deep the water is by looking at those palm trees!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Better picture of unsewn and resewn quilt.

Fixed My Mistake

Well I couldn't let this quilt become a UFO. So I have unpicked and fixed up the mistake. What mistake you all ask as you couldn't see it. It was in the greens on the left hand side. I only had 3 greens and then the reds started. All the other had 4 greens then the reds. So consequently the strips on the left were one row short! SO I unpicked between the last green and the first red and added another green row in. See if you can see the difference:

The fixed version is the smaller pic on the left hand side. Sorry i couldnt get two pics exact same size so you could see the boo boo. LOL

Sunday Superbowl Bargello

Well its Sunday in Australia and even though we dont celebrate the Superbowl my aunt and I decided to join Bonnie from Quiltville Chat in the Superbowl scrappy bargello sewing day. The US girls are probably just waking getting ready to sew and to watch the superbowl.

Here are some photos I wanted to share of Gail and I making our bargellos. I had a slight hiccup with mine right at the end however think it will be easily fixed.

The first photo above is of Gail and myself sewing our bargellos together. Hehe you can see mine behind me hanging on Gails curtain.

Gail has steamed ahead of me and alread done her first border and also part of her braid border. Psssttt ssshhh you know why she is ahead of me..... she sewed until 4am this morning! When I arrived at her house this morning she was still sleeping and I went into her sewing room and OMG I found all her strips sewn together!!!

Anyway here are some pics hope you enjoy.......

This is my scrappy bargello. Each strip is different but I organised them into colour groups. I have made one mistake though, can you see it?

On the right here is Gails quilt. Its so scrappy and so fantastic. The photos just dont do it justice. The photo shows the first border on and the braid border in progress.

This is me cutting out my strips from the tubes. Do you know how hard it is to smile for a picture and trying to cut at the same time with the rotary cutter. I wouldn't suggest anyone try this at home!

~~~~~~~~Gail sewing her braided border.~~~~~~~~
Photos of the completed quilts!