Friday, October 16, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My cute Grand daughter

Here are some updated photos of my grandaughter Isla Jade.
In the first photo she is talking to her Uncle Adrian, next photo having cuddles with Logie (her grandfather, who gets called Logie cause I wanted to be grammie).

Here Isla is just hanging around in her swing.

Mummy having a serous talk to her.

isnt this the most precious photo. She is blowing bubbles!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Latest Quilt

Yahoo finally finished this quilt tonight while watching tv. I have had it to the hand sewing on the binding stage for weeks. But with Isla’s birth and my brothers death I have just not had time or the inclination to sit and stitch.

I started this quilt not long after Antionette became pregnant. I thought it was a cute quilt that could be used for either a boy or a girl and the best it used up heaps of scraps!

All I have to do now is to make a quilt label! But I have a deadline…… Isla will need it soon as its her floor rug and we all know how quick time goes these days. She will be on the floor and crawling before we know it so I had better get it done soon!

Oh just in case anyone is wondering… the pattern is called Sugar and Spice and was in one of the Patchwork and Quilting “front covers” book 2.

Introducing Isla Jade

Well its official I am now a grandmother. My daughter Antionette and her fiance Joshua had a baby girl on Friday the 31st of July 2009. Isla Jade was born at 10.53am (after an amazing 4 hour labour), weighing in at 7lb 2 0z and 48cm long (19 inches).

Isla Jade few hours old

The Uncles

The proud Aunty Poo (try saying Aunty Alana its hard so Alana is happy for her neice to use her nick name)

Happy Mum and baby

The very proud daddy with his girls!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My New Sewing Cabinet and New Sewing Room

Well after some frustrating months I finally have my new sewing cabinet. The first one that came was a pile of junk so I complained bitterly and now have a new one which is so much better! Thank you Horn Australia for replacing it..... go back to assembling and dont offer the RTA flat packs..... cause they are second grade!!
Anyway here are the picks of my new cabinet and new sewing room.
The new desk

With the extension table up.

The necessary cupboards for the stash and my cutting table.

This is the cutting table set up fully.

The stash of course!
The UFO sorry the WIP cupboard! Dont have UFO's in this house!

This is my fabulous thread cupboard made by Ronnie from Cathron Country Designs.
So thats my new bigger sewing room. Go back through my blog if you want to see where I use to sew before I got this room!

Monday, June 22, 2009


One of the girls in the Janome group I go to has recently bought a Swiftquilter quilting frame and Janome 1600p quilting machine. The following are pictures of my first go on the quilting frame and the finished quilt. Oh the quilt is Orange Crush which was a freeby mystery quilt pattern from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site .
This is day one.

This is day two and all finished. Just taking it off the frame. I look as happy as a pig in mud!

The finished quilt hmm well not quiet just had to do the binding.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

FW: My new sewing room

This is my new sewing room. I have a new Horn cabinet but having a few issues at the moment. I am not overly happy with it. If anyone is considering buying one if I was you I would really consider it hard!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Well today I turn 40! So I thought I would share what I did and have received for my birthday.
Last night we went out for tea to the Thai Restaurant. Oh it was so yummy.
I received a couple of my presents last night because my hubby was going to work at 5am he and the kids gave me my presents early because he didnt want me to have to wait all day until he got home at 6. So what did I get......... a PANDORA bracelet. The kids gave me some charms for it one with a K and one with an A on it. Hubby told me I have to wait for Valentines day until I get some more charms for it.

Last night I got a lovely pair of gold earings from my aunt and uncle. They are twisted and just lovely (the ear rings not my aunt and uncle).

This morning I got to open the gift box that arrived from my sister and brother-in-law from Brisbane. Check out the invoice pouch where the card was put that was on the box what a laugh...............

And the following pic shows the lovely yummy scrummy things that were inside the box!

I also got personalised number plates for my car. SEW 40 sew well thats the only way I know how to spell sew or should it be so? Oh well sew is what I do all the time and 40 well what can I say? No use being in denial LOL.

And how spoilt am I? I belong to an online yahoo mail group called CRAFT and we have a birthday club where we send each other "squishies" envelopes with fabric in them. I got to open 14 envelopes this morning and look at what I scored.....................

Thank you to everyone that has helped make my 40th birthday wonderful.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've been tagged..........

Thanks Khris for tagging me!

Gee not done this before but anyway here goes..........
For part 1 I have to reveal 10 things about myself that you may not know:
1. I went to 5 differenet primary schools.
2. I went to 5 different High Schools.
3. First job was in the Deli at Woolworths in the Valley Shopping Center in Gladstone when I was 14 years old.
4. Wagged my first class when I was in Grade 12.
5. Was married with one child by the time I was 21.
6. Started smoking in grade 10.
7. I stopped going to nightclubs when I turned 18, getting past the security after turning 18 wasnt as much fun!
8. Worked as a Nanny on the Gold Coast before getting married.
9. Gave up smoking in 2005.
10. Use to love going Absailing.
Gee hope that didnt bore you too much.........
Part 2 ...... List 5 addictions:
1. Computer
2. Food
3. Pandora/Lovelink beads
4. Work
5. Family
Part 3 is where I get to tag others................
So come on girls keep it going.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day Long Weekend.

I don't mean to go for another long winded posting BUT its been a long weekend and I have done lots!!!!

First of all I will start off with Saturday. We went out to visit my folks at Moura as they have friends up from Broken Hill. So it was nice to catch up with them.

Over the past week we have had huge rain fall. In some parts they had minor flooding as they received so much rain in such a short space of time.On the way out to Moura we managed to miss most of the storms and massive rain clouds. We could see the rain in the distance it was raining so hard in some places. Anyway we were driving along and watching a storm/cloud form and it was just amazing watching it go really black and then it just errupted. It was hard to photograph but managed to get it.

Not sure if this photo really did it justice. It was amazing though.

Check out the next photo....... see what the yellow road sign says!!

Just in case you cant read it... the sign says..... Dry Weather Road Only.

We had a lovely night in Moura catching up with mum and dad as well as the Dungys. They are dads friends from the Army days. They had lost contact many many years ago. However as a part of dads surprise 60th a few years ago I tracked them down.


After double checking that the boys stuff was all ready for them to go back to school I ventured into yep you guessed it MY SEWING ROOM. I started fiddling around with a quilt that I partly made and had started quilting at retreat last year. It is another one of Jan Phillips's workshops. See the link on the side bar for Jans website. This one is called Freedom. Its all about free cutting using just the rotary cutter. NO RULERS! No I wasnt drunk when I made it.... the seems are all wavey and crooked Thats why its called freedom! I decided not to square up the quilt but add to its style by leaving the edges wavey. Jan also showed us how to do her freedom quilting that she does. I just couldnt get the hang of it. It required me to go slow. Ever known me to go slow? So I decided to just use the free motion quilt foot and basically just pretended I was doodling on paper.

Its more a bed topper or wall hanging. I plan to hang it on the dining room wall to add a bit of colour to the house! hehe everyone will need to leave their sunnies on when they come in!

The photos below are close ups of the quilting.

All I have to do is finish hand sewing the binding down. It was fun to do and very different!


Today I finished another UFO. Gee I am being good with my new years resolution so far!!! This brings it to a total of 3 UFO's finished. Well partly finished! The tops are done! HAHA that means finished to me!

Anyway this quilt is another Dissappearing Nine Patch quilt. This one is made using all breast cancer fabrics. I am going to finish this one off very soon as it will be easy to quilt as its not very big. Only knee rug size.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Expanding Bag

Well today I used my brain and made a bag without using a pattern. Adi if your reading this and its not your birthday day do not continue!

Anyway one of the girls at works birthday is tomorrow and I decided to make her a new work bag. She usually brings her stuff to work in one of those green Coles or Woolworths shopping bags. So using the dimensions of one of these I have made her a bag using Purple which is her favourite colour. BUT made a little twist. I put tabs on the side of it so that when the bag is not full it can be made smaller but when she needs to pile lots of stuff into it she can make it bigger. Check it out..............

The closed not so full look.
The OMG I am going to burst at the seems look.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Sewing table top

I have been wanting to do something with my sewing table so that my sewing machine would be level with the table. I have seen many new tables that I would love to own but my current table is attatched to the wall and it still works fine. I thought about cutting a hole in the table and lowering my machine but I felt that it would then be too low. I then thought about buying the table that Janome has designed for my machine. But then I would cut down too much room in my sewing nook. But I like to have my machine to the front of my table. So that didnt work either. So I designed a table top that would just sit straight ontop of my current table that was shaped to go around my machine. I took this to a cabinet making business and for $170 they made me exactly what I wanted. Loads cheaper than the tables I was looking at. So check it out............


After Photo

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Latest Sewing and wot not

Today I finished a bag I started last weekend. Its a Laptop bag. I wouldnt recommend the pattern to anyone! It was really confusing and not very thorough. I ended up just doing my own thing to get it finished. The first photo is of the font of it, the second is the back and the third is inside the bag. Inside it has 3 pockets. It also has another zippered section just under the front flap.

Last weekend I finally got around to finishing my Celestial Hearts quilt top that i started at CQ Patchwork retreat in September 08. I have yet to decide how to quilt it. Jan Phillips the designer actually hand quilted hers but I dont think I will be attempting to hand quilt this one! You can see Jans at her website

Also wanted to show off my cupboard that Ronnie from made me.

Just in case your wondering........ No I am not going for the world record for the longest blog post just thought it was time I got some stuff up on it seeing I have not put anything up for sooooooo long.

Ok next on the agenda we have a photo of a quilt that I finished ages ago. OOOPPSS mean quilt top. For some reason all my quilts get completed into tops and never seem to progress from there. I keep telling myself one day I will quilt them. By the time that day comes maybe I might own a quilting machine LOL

Anyway the pic is of the Orange Crush quilt I made of Bonnie Hunters. She is a big time scrap quilt maker and has give so many patterns away for free from her website...... This pattern was one of her mystery quilts. Her recent mystery quilt is just beautiful so check out her site.