Saturday, July 18, 2009

My New Sewing Cabinet and New Sewing Room

Well after some frustrating months I finally have my new sewing cabinet. The first one that came was a pile of junk so I complained bitterly and now have a new one which is so much better! Thank you Horn Australia for replacing it..... go back to assembling and dont offer the RTA flat packs..... cause they are second grade!!
Anyway here are the picks of my new cabinet and new sewing room.
The new desk

With the extension table up.

The necessary cupboards for the stash and my cutting table.

This is the cutting table set up fully.

The stash of course!
The UFO sorry the WIP cupboard! Dont have UFO's in this house!

This is my fabulous thread cupboard made by Ronnie from Cathron Country Designs.
So thats my new bigger sewing room. Go back through my blog if you want to see where I use to sew before I got this room!


Karen Mallory said...

Looks great KA! Glad you finally got the right cabinet after all that effort in the other one! Your sewing room looks fab and I love the thread cabinet that Ronnie made!
hugs Karen

Sharon-NZ said...

looks fantastic, theres going to be some great quilts coming out of there te he

Beeshebags said...

It looks great KA ya lucky duck...I wish my craft room looked as spacious and organised as that....have uploaded some pics of mine to the puter, just have to put them on the'll be shocked! The machine cabinet looks great. Hugs Naomi

Khris said...

Awesome...I want one like day...great you are happy with it now...hugs Khris

wackywoman said...

You lucky girl. It just looks wonderful! Worth all the time I'd say. Now to see all the quilts coming out of such an organized room.

Anita said...

Looks great KA! I love the new cabinet and that cutting table is great too!

Cath Ü said...

Room looks fantastic KA... Cabinet looks good too... I love that one and good to see it finally has it's home...LOL
Cath Ü