Friday, April 11, 2008


Well today is the last day of my week off! I am devastated! Had a pretty productive week sewing wise. Nearly completed ANOTHER disappearing nine patch! This time its all from breast cancer pink ribbon fabrics. Should be pretty when its finished. I thought my mum how to make this simple pattern too. SSHH dont tell my dad but I showed her how to order from Hancocks of Puducha too! hehehehe
I have also been working on the Orange Crush mystery quilt from I have completed the first step and look forward to step two. Here is step 1 which is 150 four patch blocks that are 3.5 inch square.

Today I made a Stable Bag. Was a very difficult pattern to follow so ended up whinging it!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Disappearing Nine Patch Class

I am a member of the Port Curtis Patchwork Class. I voluntered to teach the members the Disappearing nine patch quilt technique. What a fun day it was. IT was amazing to watch the different combinations of the quilt appearing. Check out the photos of some of the quilts in progress. Its amazing how different they all look when they are made the same way.

This one is going to be amazing in red white and black. The middle square of the nine patch block was the red colour. The four corners of the block were the black with white print and the others were white with black print. Very effective hey!

This one is made using 3 different fabrics...

This one was made using the same background colour throughout and scrappy blue squares.

Doesnt the black squares on this one come to life! It was amazing watching this one grow. It will look amazing when finished.

This next one is going to be totally different again. This lady had two lovely turtle prints she wanted to incorporate into a quilt. YOu can see how we ended up placing her fabrics into the nine patch block (before cutting). The effect is going to be a stripey quilt! As the blocks come together the print fabrics are going to form a stripe accross the quilt and doesnt that aqua blue fabric just look like water!
The following are some of the other quilts the ladies have started on.

Disappearing Nine Patch

Hello everyone firstly I apologise as its been so long since I have updated my blog! Since the last time I have finished two quilts! I have totally finished my 30s disappearing nine patch quilt and OMG I stippled it! First time I have ever stippled a quilt. It has turned out to be a large single bed sized quilt. I stippled it using a pretty pastel coloured verigated thread. The second quilt I finished was also another disappearing nine patch (DPN)in only two colours. I also stippled it however found it easier after someone suggested I use stippling gloves! WOW what a difference they made. Oh and it might of been because it was a only half the size of the other one.

This one is my 30s fabrics dpn. I just love it.!

Next one is my lap size one. I used Kona Bay roses fabric with black muslin.