Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day Long Weekend.

I don't mean to go for another long winded posting BUT its been a long weekend and I have done lots!!!!

First of all I will start off with Saturday. We went out to visit my folks at Moura as they have friends up from Broken Hill. So it was nice to catch up with them.

Over the past week we have had huge rain fall. In some parts they had minor flooding as they received so much rain in such a short space of time.On the way out to Moura we managed to miss most of the storms and massive rain clouds. We could see the rain in the distance it was raining so hard in some places. Anyway we were driving along and watching a storm/cloud form and it was just amazing watching it go really black and then it just errupted. It was hard to photograph but managed to get it.

Not sure if this photo really did it justice. It was amazing though.

Check out the next photo....... see what the yellow road sign says!!

Just in case you cant read it... the sign says..... Dry Weather Road Only.

We had a lovely night in Moura catching up with mum and dad as well as the Dungys. They are dads friends from the Army days. They had lost contact many many years ago. However as a part of dads surprise 60th a few years ago I tracked them down.


After double checking that the boys stuff was all ready for them to go back to school I ventured into yep you guessed it MY SEWING ROOM. I started fiddling around with a quilt that I partly made and had started quilting at retreat last year. It is another one of Jan Phillips's workshops. See the link on the side bar for Jans website. This one is called Freedom. Its all about free cutting using just the rotary cutter. NO RULERS! No I wasnt drunk when I made it.... the seems are all wavey and crooked Thats why its called freedom! I decided not to square up the quilt but add to its style by leaving the edges wavey. Jan also showed us how to do her freedom quilting that she does. I just couldnt get the hang of it. It required me to go slow. Ever known me to go slow? So I decided to just use the free motion quilt foot and basically just pretended I was doodling on paper.

Its more a bed topper or wall hanging. I plan to hang it on the dining room wall to add a bit of colour to the house! hehe everyone will need to leave their sunnies on when they come in!

The photos below are close ups of the quilting.

All I have to do is finish hand sewing the binding down. It was fun to do and very different!


Today I finished another UFO. Gee I am being good with my new years resolution so far!!! This brings it to a total of 3 UFO's finished. Well partly finished! The tops are done! HAHA that means finished to me!

Anyway this quilt is another Dissappearing Nine Patch quilt. This one is made using all breast cancer fabrics. I am going to finish this one off very soon as it will be easy to quilt as its not very big. Only knee rug size.


Vickie said...

woohoo new look blog looks great
that rain in the distant look sso cooling from here...
wow what nice bright topper you made there
and the pink cancer fabric one is lovely -but err it's not finished yet hehehe
cheers Vickie

Dya said...

Your blog looks great!
I love both quilttops you made, but the first is so sunny, seems to me you need that with all those dark clouds LOL.

Khris said...

Wow thats one funky looking quilt. Well done KA...hugs Khris

Karen Mallory said...

Must have been freeing to do the colorful quilt! It looks great! Of course I am a brights lover! The pink one looks great too! Love the candid shots of the outdoors!
hugs Karen

Sharon-NZ said...

I love that bright quilt yummy its really neat, now what did you mean go slow for the quilting......